Taxi Driver Joke

A nun is standing on the sidewalk trying to hail down a taxi one evening.
A taxi finally pulls over to pick her up. As they pull away the driver asks "Where you want to go sister?"
The nun replies "back to the convent on St. Mary street"
So they continue on their destination and the taxi driver can't help but notice how pretty she looked.
He says, "you know sister, one of my lifetime fantasies was to kiss a nun."
The nun replies and says "well, you know although it would be going against the rules of the church, I could make your fantasy come true, but under a couple of conditions"
So the taxi driver with delight says "and what would may that be sister?"
"Well, you must go to church and you can't be married." says the nun.
The taxi driver says "Yes I go to church and no I'm not married."
So they both agree to pull into a dark alley where the taxi driver starts to give the nun a very passionate kiss. After he was done he says "Wow that was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole entire life!" "but, sister I do have a confession, I really don't go to church and I'm happily married with two beautiful children"
The nun replies, "That's ok mister, cause my name is Dean Pelton and I'm really on my way to a costume party."

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