My Son Joke

Four Catholic mothers are having tea together and begin to talk about their children.
The first, wanting to impress the others, says:
"My son is a priest. When he enters a room, everyone gets up and says, "Good afternoon, Father."
The second mother not wanting to be left beind comments:
"My son is a bishop. When he enters a room, they all stand up and say, "Your blessing, Bishop." The third, calmly, adds: "My son is a cardinal. When he enters a room, everyone gets up, kisses his ring and says, "Your blessing, Your Eminence." The fourth remains quiet. Then the cardinal's mother, just to provoke, asks: "And your son, is he not religious?" The fourth replies: "My son is 6foot 2inches, is tanned, with green eyes, practices bodybuilding and works as a stripper. When he enters a room everyone looks and says, "MY GOD!"

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