Heavenly Mix Up Joke

A Muslim died ending up by mistake outside a Christian heaven. He approaches the Pearly Gates and meets with Saint Peter.
"Hello, my son. Welcome to heaven. Is there any thing you desire?
The Muslim, without hesitation, realizing he's in the wrong heaven says:
"I'd like to meet Mohammed."
"Certainly, my son, this can be arranged, follow me."
Saint Peter leads him along a long hallway through several enormous libraries, until they come to the Office of Arc-Angel Gabriel.
Hello, my son,Im Gabriel. How may I help you?
"I'd like to see Mohammed."
"This can be arranged. Walk this way."
Gabriel leads him down the passageway to an elevator. They go up a hundred floors to the office of Arc-Angel Michael.
"Ah, my son, happy to meet you. Is there something I can do for you?
"I want to see Mohammed", he said impatiently
I think we can arrange a meeting, but in the meantime, would you like a cup of coffee.
"I would love a cup of coffee."
Michael raises his two fingers in the air.
"Oh Mohammed, two coffees over here please."

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