Pee In The Snow Joke

George W. Bush gets done eating dinner at the Whitehouse when he steps out onto the Whitehouse porch to get some fresh air.
After a few minutes he noticed someone had urinated his name in the snow.
Furious, George goes to the secret service and demands to know who urinated his name in the snow.
The secret service tells George "Yes sir Mr. President, we will get right on it".
A couple of hours goes by and the secret service comes back and says "Mr. President, We have good news and we have bad news".
George says" What's the good news?". Secret service says "We had the urine analyzed and it came back as Al Gores."
George says, "That son of a bitch, I knew he would betray me".
Then George says, "What's the bad news?".
The Secret service says, "We think it's Hillary Clinton's handwriting".

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