John Edwards Jokes

Q: What did Sarah Palin say after finding out her 17-year old daughter was pregnant?
A: 'We should never have introduced her to John Edwards.'

Q: What happened after Nadya Suleman delivered octuplets?
A: Out of force of habit, John Edwards went back into hiding.

Q: What's the difference between the John Edwards and Paris Hilton sextapes?
A: John Edwards has better hair!

Q: What's John Edwards favorite pick up line?
A: 'So, uh, which America are you from?'"

Q: What was the real reason John Edwards dropped out of the 2008 presidential campaign?
A: To spend more time with his haircut!

Q: Why should John Edwards stop talking about there being "Two Americas"?
A: Because neither one is voting for him!

Q: Why did John Edwards file for legal separation from Elizabeth Edwards?
A: She bought a new set of golf clubs!

Q: What's the difference between John Edwards and Bill Clinton.
A: Nothing!

Q: Barack Obama is looking to bring out the Black Vote, Hilary the Female vote, and John Edwards?
A: The Metrosexual vote!

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