Ghetto Pick Up Lines

"You know how some men buy really expensive cars to make up for certain shortages? Well I don't even own a car"

"Hey excuse me...I know you pregnant but when you drop that one off...ID LOVE to put another one in u"

"Honey just by seeing you from behind I know you're a well-rounded person"

"Ok, I'm here. What are your other two wishes?"

"I have good credit"

Hey, are your parents beavers, cuz DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

"Girl you be the 6, I'll be the 9, that's only time you'll be less than a dime."

yo gurl, I heard your good at math... Cause your legs are always divided.

It's not your beauty, it's about dat booty!

"I'm digging u like a shovel ma!"

Are you from the ghetto cause I'm about to ghetto hold of that ass

Watch your step gurl....don't want you to fall in love with someone else.

Hey do you have an inhaler? Cause you got that ass ma!

"The club ends at 2, I gotta go to work at 8 lets go back to your place so you can get that pussy ate"

"Aye girl let me put my direct in yo deposit!"

Hey boo, I'd like to be a part of your next abortion.

I'm not Charmin, but I'd be all up in that booty....

Do you like to draw? (yeah why?) Cuz I put the D in Raw

Shaped like a coke bottle and the face of a model.

"Just get in tha car, bitch... im famous"

"A genie'll come out ov my penis ... For real tho but only if u rub it hard enuff"

"You a good girl, u jus need a thug in ya life to treat u rite!"

"Hey bitch u want dis dick?"

"The only nigguh flya than you .. is yo reflection"

"Come in the house and take off ur coat, open ur mouth and let me coat the back of that throat!"

"You know I live a Magnum Lifestyle"

Hey good lookin whatcha got cookin'? Nuthin could be finer than the taste of your vagina.

"Was your Dad a traffic cop? Because you got fine written all over you."

Why pay $5 when you can't get this footling for free

"I'm Lil Wayne bitch"

Girl, yuh look like a bottle a maple syrup....THICK.

Hey babe, do you know how to drive? cause I would love to ride

"I got arrested the other day. [For what?] For having two guns and a six pack."

"Dont worry bout me baby im gettin sum measurements im bout to lay some pipe"

"Yous a cutie, let me eatcha booty"

"Hi, i'm wasted but this condom in my pocket doesn't have to be."

"Hey beautiful.. let me scan ur barcode "smile and show dimple"

"Is this ur real hair cause i saw it on a mannequin in the hairstore but it was real expensive!!! can i have ur number?"

"I claim you in the name of JESUS!"

"I'm lookin' for a girl like my mother. She knew her place. But in a good way."

Girl you thicker than a five dolla snicker.

I might not know how to ride a bike, but I know how to ride yo bitch cuz i do it all night.

"Theres somethin wrong wit yur phone... my numbers not in it"

"I Like My Girls Like My Koolaid "Sweet And Go Down Easy.."

"Hey girl you got a father? ....Want a daddy?"

Bitch you aint even fat. Yo one fine looking cracka.

Hey baby, I'd love to f**k the shit out of your fake weave

So this might be a bit forward, but you look like you wanna go halvsies on a baby and I'm totally down to put in my half.

Do you like Pizza, cuz I want a pizza dat ass

"Ey girl,(Yeh?) Your,ga must have dragon syndrome I think I need to slay it."

That ass so fat, you could pull a brothas eyes out with the gravity?

"If I was a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seed?"

"I dont care that u used to be fat, just come here and let me eat that cat!"

"Hey girl u lookin like a tall glass of water and im tellin ya im thirsty"

"If what matters is on the inside... Howsabout I get on the inside?"

Hey Shawty, do I stand a chance with you or shall I just move on to your fat friend?

"If you were a car, I'd wax and ride you all over town"

Baby I can float your boat, now why don't you come over here and let me stick my dick down your throat

"Who yo hair dresser? Tell her I apologize for messing up her work"

"You hungry? Ha I am..bust that p*ssy open for me"

"AYE that my name tattooed on your back"

"AYE girl lemme beat it like some cake mix"

"Lemme borrow that number girl"

"I got some suga for ya"

"If fine was a felony you'd be on death row."

"Baby you thicker than a novel, and I wanna read all yo pages"

Aww, girl, I'm gonna have to put you on my "To Do" List!

Damn u got a big A S S !!

Girl you look so good, i wish i could plant a whole field of yall!

"Your so hot you must've started all of globle warming"

"Plump Butts Matter"

"Is there a fire in here or are we just standing too close"

Girl you're sweet as candy, can I taste u "Now And Later"

"So what directory should I look for your heart's number?"

"Are u in my class? Because I really need help studying that anatomy"

"Don't worry I'll look better after a few drinks"

"If I was in your 1st grade class I would have played bouse with you"

I heard you got a boyfriend,
but girl don't try & pretend,
like you don't want this dick all the way in.

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