Text Messaging Acronyms

4YEO: For Your Eyes Only
420: Marijuana
AAR8: At Any Rate
ADAD: Another Day Another Dollar
AFAIK: As Far As I Know
AFAIR: As Far As I Remember (Recall)
AFC: Away From Computer
AKA: Also Known As
ASAP: As Soon As Possible
A/S/L: Age/Sex/Location
ATM: At The Moment
AYOR: At Your Own Risk
B/C: Because
BATR: Bouncing Around the Room
BBFCFM: Big Black Furry Creature From Mars
BBS: Be Back Soon
BEG: Big Evil Grin
BFF: Best Friends Forever
BFN: Bye For Now
BIC: Bitch Is Crazy
BIF: Before I Forget
BRB: Be Right Back
BRO: Be Right Over
BRT: Be Right There
BTGOG: By the grace of God
BTN: Better Than Nothing
BTSOOM: Beats the shit out of me
BTSOOY: Beats the shit out of you
BTT: Back To Topic
BTW: By The Way
BW: Best Wishes
BYOB: bring your own beer
CIL: Check In Later
CMB: Call Me Back
CMU: Crack Me Up
CSL: Can't Stop Laughing
CU: See You
CWOT: Complete Waste Of Time
CWYL: Chat With You Later
DDAS: Don't Do Anything Stupid
DFC: dead fucking center
DGMW: Don't Get Me Wrong
DGT: Don't Go There
DMB: Dave Matthews Band
DTR: Define The Relationship
DTRT: Do The Right Thing
DUST: Did You See That?
DW2H: Don't Work Too Hard
EL: Evil Laugh
EOD: End Of Discussion
EOM: End Of Message
ELOL: evil laugh out loud
ESAD: Eat Shit And Die
FACK: Full Acknowledgement
FBM: Fine By Me
FCFS: First Come First Served
FEFY: Fast Enough For You
FKA: Formerly Known As
FLW: Four Letter Word
FMU: from my understanding
FOAF: Friend Of A Friend
FOC: Free Of Charge
FOS: Full Of Shit
FTC: Failure To Communicate
FTF: face-to-face
FTR: for the record
FWIW: for what it's worth
FWTW: for what that's worth
FUBAR: fucked up beyond all recognition
FYEO: For Your Eyes Only
FYI: For your information
GA: go ahead
GAHOY: Get A Hold Of Yourself
GAL: Get A Life
GIAT: give it a try
GJ: Good Job
GMAB: Give Me A Break
GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike
GTBT: Good Times Bad Times
GTH: Go To Hell
GWOS: goes without saying
HAND: have a nice day
HMU: Hit Me Up
HOAS: Hold On A Second
HOIC: Hold On I'm Coming
HTH: Happy to Help (Hope This Helps)
HYHU: Hold Your Head Up
IAC: In Any Case
IAE: In Any Event
IANAL: I am not a lawyer
ICYC: In Case Your Curious
ICYMI: In case you missed It
IDC: I don't care
IDGAF: I don't Give A Fuck
IDK: I don't (didn't) know
IDM: It doesn't matter
IFIOJ: I found it on jokes4us.com
IGWS: It Goes Without Saying
IHNC: I Have No Clue
IHNO: I Have No Opinion
IIH: If it helps
IIWY: If I were you
IJPMP: I Just Pissed My Pants
IKR: I Know, Right
ILY: I Love You
IMO: In my opinion
IMCO: In my considered opinion
IME: In My Experience
IMHBIO: in my humble but informed opinion
IMHO: in my humble/honest opinion
IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion
INPO: In No Particular Order
IOW: In other words
IMPOV: In My Point Of View
IRL: in real life (as opposed to online)
ITA: If That's Alright
ITA: I Totally Agree
IYDMMA: If You Don't Mind Me Asking
IYFD: In Your Fucking Dreams
JDMJ: Just Doing My Job
JFH: Just Fuck Her
JHO: Just Helping Out
JTOL: Just Thinking Out Loud
K4Y: Kiss For You
KB: Kick Butt
KIR: Keep It Real
KIT: Keep In Touch
KMA: Kiss My Ass
KMWA: Kiss My White Ass
KWIM: Know What I Mean
KYPO: Keep Your Pants On
LAY: laughing at you
LBO: Lets Be Honest
LHK: Love Hugs & Kisses
LHM: Lord Have Mercy
LM46: Lets Meet For Sex
LMAO: Laughing my ass off
LMK: Let Me Know
LOK: Lots of Kisses
LOB: Lying on Bed
LOL: laugh out loud
LXL: "limb by limb"
LYB: Love You Babe

MEJR: My Eyes Just Rolled
MFRC: My Fingers Are Crossed
MIA: Missing In Action
MFIC: Mother Fucker In Charge
MIH: Make It Happen
MMGAMOIO: My minds got a mind of its own
MMW: Mark My Words
MPFB: My Personal Fuck Buddy
MRA: Moving Right Along
MTF: More To Follow
MYOB: Mind Your Own Business
NBG: No Bloddy Good
NBTYRSP: now back to your regularly scheduled program(ming)
ND: No Date
NFI: No Freaking Idea
NFW: no friggin' (fucking) way
NITL: Not In This Lifetime
NMP: Not My Problem
NNTR: No Need To Reply
NPC: not politically correct
NRN: no reply necessary
NSFW: Not Safe For Work
NSTAAFL: no such thing as a free lunch
NTB: Not Too Bright
NTIM: Not That It Matters
NWT: New With Tags
OMDB: Over My Dead Body
OMG: Oh My God
OML: Oh My Lord
OMT: one more time
OOC: out of control or out of commission
OST: On Second Thought
OT: Off Topic
OTC: over the counter
OTN: on the net
OTR: on the road (mobile IM)
OTOH: on the other hand
PHAT: Pretty Hot And Tempting
PIF: Paid In Full
PITA: pain in the ass
PMITE: "punch me in the eye"
POV: Point Of View
PRW: Parents Are Watching
PTP: Pardon The Pun
QL: Quit Laughing
RAF: Random As Fuck
RBAY: Right Back At You
ROTFL: rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO: rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
RSN: real soon now
SCNR: Sorry Could Not Resist
SEG: shit-eating grin
SFWM: Stop Fucking With Me
SFLR: Sorry For Late Reply
SITD: still in the dark
SIYNE: smilies if you need em
SMD: Suck My Dick
SMH: Shaking My Head
SOB: Son of a Bitch
SSIA: subject says it all
STS: So To Speak
SYL: See You Later
SYT: See You Tomorrow
TAP: Take A Pill
TBA: To Be Announced
TBC: To Be Continued
TBH: To Be Honest
TC: Take Care
TCOY: Take Care Of Yourself
TFF: Too Fucking Funny
TGIF: Thank God Its Friday
TIA: thanks in advance
TIC: tongue in cheek
TLC: Tender Loving Care
TLGO: The List Goes On
TM: Trust Me
TMB: Text Me Back
TMI: too much information
TOY: Thinking Of You
TQ: Thank You
TSTB: The Sooner The Better
TTYL: Talk to ya later
TYVM: Thank You Very Much
TYT: Take Your Time
U2: You Too?
UFN: Until Further Notice
URW: You Are Welcome
VBG: Very Big Grin
VWD: Very Well Done
WADR: With All Due Respect
WADI: What A Dumb Idea
WDT: Who Does That?
WDYT: What Do You Think?
WFM: Works For Me
WIIFM: What's In It For Me
WIU: Wrap It Up
WMGGW: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
WRT: With Regard To
WSP: Widespread Panic
WTF: What The Fuck
WTG: Way To Go
WTH: What The Hell
WUWH: Wish You Where Here
WYP: What's Your Problem
XOXO: Hugs and Kisses
YAHOO: You Always Have Other Options
YEM: You Enjoy Myself
YFL: You Fucking Loser
YKW: You Know What?
YHBT: you have been trolled
YHL: you have lost
YMMD: You Made My Day
YOLO: You Only Live Once
YSK: You Should Know
YTTM: You Talk Too Much
YYSSW: yeah yeah sure sure whatever

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