Detention Jokes

What did the picture in detention say?
I was framed.

What's the difference between a Kia and detention?
It's less embarrassing if your friends see you leaving detention.

What did the cheerleader say when the principal gave her detention?
Bring It On.

Where can you find a bunch of clowns who deserve to be in detention?
Silly Con Valley.

What is Molly Ringwalds favorite sandwich?
The Breakfast Club.

What does a lazy kid in military school do?
Snap to dentention.

What do you call a clairvoyant midget who has escaped from detention?
A small medium at large.

What do you call a blonde staying after school?
Center of Dentention.

After many hours, a student is let go from detention. He runs around saying, im FREE! IM FREE!
A boy walks up to him and says, so what? I'm 4.

My teacher pointed at me with a ruler and said "At the end of this ruler is an idiot!"
I got detention for asking which end.

When a teacher calls a boy by his full name, it usually means detention.

Laugh, and the class laughs with you, but you stay after school alone.

Breakfast Club film (Unfinished joke)
"A naked blonde walks into a bar, carrying a poodle under one arm and a two foot salami under the other. The Bartender says, "So, I don't suppose you'd be needing a drink?" The blonde says this point John Bender falls through the ceiling.
The blonde says "I definitely do, after what just happened to me."
The bartender says "I'm so sorry. What happened?"
The blonde says, "Well, my boyfriend and I were just about to make love, when out of nowhere the crazy bastard says "I'm gonna pound my favorite bitch with my giant sausage". So I grabbed them both and got the hell out of there!"

One day there was a kid who was asked to recite the first four letters of the alphabet by his teacher.
So he went home and asked his brother the first letter. He said "SHUT UP! I'M ON THE PHONE!"
Then he asked his Mom the second letter. She said "Yes!"
Then he asked his Dad the third letter. He said "Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!"
Then he asked his cousin the fourth and final letter. "In a big fat car! In a big fat car! In a big fat car!
So he went to school. The teacher asked him, "Tell me the first four letters in the alphabet."
So he said "SHUT UP! I'M ON THE PHONE!" " Young man, do I need to take you to detention with the principal? "Yes!"
So he went to the principal. The principal said. "Who do you think you are?!" "Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!"
"And, how are you getting away with this?!" "In a big fat car! In a big fat car!"

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