Miscellaneous One-Liners Jokes

Q: Why do 60 percent of women believe in ghosts?
A: Because they've seen how fast men disappear after sex!

Q: What's the worse side effect from a contraceptive pill?
A: Children

Q: Whats better than KFC getting rid of Trans Fatty Acids?
A: Actually putting more chicken in their chicken!

Q: What did the female elephant in the New York zoo say after she recoginized herself in a mirror?
A: She became bashful and wouldn't step on a scale!

Q: What will they be handing out instead of Grammys at the annual music awards ceremony?
A: Babies from Africa!

Q: What do men call the various side effects of the wonderdrug Viagra?
A: A Small price to pay

Q: Why is a room full of married people looks so empty?
A: There's not a Single person in it!

Q: Why did the guy have sex with a dead deer?
A: Because his therapist said take life by the horns!

Q: Why did Emmitt Smith actually lose Dancing With The Stars?
A: Because he failed the steroids test!

Q: Why were there minorities in Vermont?
A: Because they were in the witness protection program!

Q: When's the only time and place most teens go camping?
A: In front of Best Buy the day before the release of the PS4!

Q: Whats 10 Blocks Long and has never had sex?
A: The Line for PS4

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