Hurricane Katrina Jokes

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Q: How is hurricane Katrina like a typical woman?
A: She shows up all warm wild and wet then the next thing you know shes taken the house the car and left you devistated

Q: Why did Hurricane Katrina get arrested?
A: For speeding, theft, vandalism, assault and murder

A man swims into a bar...
Bartender says "hey, whats with the turd on your head?"
The guy says, "Hell, that's no turd, its a Republican CARE Package!"

The FBI have stated they have proof that Al Quaeda is responsible for the New Orleans floods
... they are stepping up their hunt for a Suicide Plumber

Daisy Duke has been raped in the New Orleans superdome.
Sheriff Roscoe has told reporters " Daisy has took it up the ENUS & is walking some what BO-LEGGED however she is GENERAL-LEE feeling ok.

Q: Why did the Dow Jones close up 200 points the day Hurricane Katrina hit
A: They figured the unemployment rate would go down.

Q: Which part of New Orleans was the first to surrender to the Hurricane Katrina flood waters?
A: The French Quarter.

Q: Why did the Black man jump?
A: To get to the next roof!

Q: When they're done rebuilding New Orleans what will they call it?
A: New and Improved Orleans?

Q: What do you call the Daniel Day-Lewis film about Katrina?
A: There Will Be Floods.

Q: Why did Michael Jackson volunteer to help Hurricane Katrina victims?
A: Because New Orleans now has the highest concentration of children wearing wet underwear.

Q: Why were only blacks in New Orleans hit so hard during Hurricane Katrina?
A: Mother Nature was doing laundry and she heard you shouldn't mix darks and lights.

Q: Did you hear about New Orleans newest attraction?
A: The Worlds Largest Aquarium

KFC announced an addition to their menu in honor of Katrina's victims
New Orleans style chicken, served in a Bucket of Water

In response to accusations that he doesn't care about black people,
George Bush replied, "Of course I care about black people, every home should have one."

How is a old hooker like New Orleans?
She is old, worthless, used up and full of disease

The Mayor of New Orleans has denied cancelling Mardi Gras this year, in fact he said today
"I expect a record number of floats on Main St this year!"

What happened at the heavy metal concert to benefit Katrina victims?
It was cancelled when the Scorpions started singing "Rock you like a Hurricane".

Q: What is the New Orleans Anthem?
A: "Under the Sea" from the Disney Movie "The Little Mermaid"

Q: How is New Orleans Super dome like the budget deficit?
A: They are both in deep shit!

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