Failed Musicals

Not Every Musical Can Make It To Broadway, This is a list of musicals that just couldn't make the cut

Jersey Boyz N The Hood

Diddle Her On The Roof

Pants Him At The Opera

Guys and Blow-Up Dolls

Guys and Inflatable Dolls

Guys & more Guys

Jekyll & Hydroponics


Hair Gel

Aerosol Hairspray

Mr. Saigon

Enormous Women

Little Shop of Hoarders

Little Shop of Whores

Little Shop of Hors d'Oeuvres

You're a Good Man, Charlie Sheen

Damn Yankees, Fuckin Mets

Beauty and the Bestiality.

Beauty and the Yeast Infection.

Mary Poppin, Lockin, and Droppin.

A Cocaine Line

A Chorus Mime

Hitler on Ice (crystal meth)

Found Nemo

"On A Clear Day You Can See Russia From My House"

Antichrist Superstar

The Book of Romney

The Book of Moron

The Book of Morbid

The Phantom Menace of the Opera

The Loin King

Diddle Her On The Roof

Whittler on the Roof

The Fiddler on Roofies

The Murderer on the Roof

Finger her on the Roof

Fiddler in the hood

The Undergraduate


High School Musical: Columbine

Middle school musical

High School Dropouts Musical

"Chris Brown the Musical: Greatest Hits"

White Power Christmas

Dream Grills

Butt Grease

Elbow Grease

Grease Fire


Oklahoma City Bombing

Penn State, Penn Rape

The Producers Assistants

The Co-Producers

JerseyShore Boys

How to Succeed in Business Without a Government Bailout

Annie and Mitt Romney's Tax Returns

Sweeny Todd Palin

The Snoop Lion King

The Nylon King

The Sound of Mucus

The Sound of Screaming

The Sound of Nazis

The Sound of Puking

Avenue Jew

Some Like It Hot; Most Like It Lukewarm

Joseph and the Homosexual Dreamcoat

A Mid Summer Nights Wet Dream

Springtime For Hitler

The Michael Vick Story


Didn't Pay the RENT

Kanye West Side Story

West Side Shootings

West Side Glory...Hole

West Side Crips Story

Don King & I

Legally Blind

Legally Mulatto

Legally Brunette

Legally Bland

Legally Bald

Stray Cats

My Fat Lady

Penn State: Escape to Neverland

Chitty Chitty Gang Bang

Shitty Shitty Gang Bang

Shitty Titty Gang Bang

The Color Purple Drink

Rocky Horror Podcast Show

The Seven Year Bitch

Singing in the Snowstorm

Nazis on Ice

Saturday Night Influenza

Everyone Says You Have Herpes


Hair By Trump

Singing In the Drain

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