WWE Jokes

Q: What did Hulk Hogan ask in Arts and Crafts class?
A: Whatcha you gonna glue, brother?

Q: What did little John Cena say to his primary school teacher when she gave him his report card?
A: You can't C me!

Q: Why did Maria Kannelis have sex with Chavo after her evening class?
A: The teacher told her to do an essay for homework.

Q: Jericho, Hurricane and Matt Hardy are in the same car. Who will drive?
A: A police officer.

Q: What's the difference between Goldust and the slutty popular girl in high school?
A: The slutty popular girl only jobs out to the "A-squad".

Q: What do Carlito and Kurt Angle have in common?
A: They both spit in the face of people that don't wanna be cool!

Q: What do you call any HHH match?

Q: What did John Cena tell the Japanese Chef?
A: You can't Sashimi!

Q: What did D'Von tell Bubba when they were working at McDonalds?
A: Oh Bubba, test the fries!

Q: Where did Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney go after death?
A: Hardcore Heaven.

Q: Why is Bayley so gangsta?
A: Because she chose the "Hug" Life.

Q: Why is unemployment so high in the US?
A: Because Nunzio and Funaki do all the jobs

Q: What did CM Punk tell Adam Copeland when he tried to feel him up?
A: I'm straight, Edge

Q: How many Vince McMahons does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: None. Lightbulb screwed lightbulb

Q: Why was Ultimate Warrior fired from the pet shop?
A: He couldn't sell Pedigree

Q: What was Owen Hart's favorite movie?
A: Cable Guy!

Q: What did Kevin Nash say when he crashed his ATV?
A: Arrgh, my quad!

Q: Why did Angelo Dawkins mix sulfur, tungsten, and silver in Chemistry class?
A: Because sometime told him to Bring the SWAG.

Q: Why can't Chris Benoit go to the gas station?
A: Because he always carries matches

Q: Why don't girls mess with Becky Lynch?
A: Because she's a "Lass Kicker".

Q: Why does Vince want to go to heaven?
A: Because he has no chance in hell

Q: What did daniel bryan say when John cena said the authority fell of the earth?

Q: What do you call a wrestler on ecstasy?
A: Little Miss Bliss.

Q: If Scott Steiner became a religious leader, what would his name be?
A: Big poppa pope

Q: Why did Kevin Nash cross the road?
A: He didn't, he already tore his quad stepping off the curb

Q: Why is Evan Bourne to blame for the high unemployment rate?
A: Cuz he is doing all the jobs.

Q: What did CM Punk tell Adam Copeland when Copeland made a pass at him?
A: I'm Straight, Edge.

Q: Why does Big Show lose his way so frequently?
A: He keeps turning.

Q: What word is Lana spelled backwards?
A: Anal

Q: Why does the Tin Man manage wrestlers?
A: Because Bobby Heenan gave him "The Brain"

Q: What religion is Jason Reso?
A: Christian

Q: Why was Bubba Ray Dudley fired from the take away restaurant?
A: He kept asking D-Von to get the table.

Big Show threw a guy last weak on raw he should be coming down any minute.

Enzo Amore is a certified circus clown and you can't teach that.

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