Snuggie Jokes

Q: What do you get when you combine the Sham Wow and a Snuggie?
A: A reason to pee in your pants!

Q: Why was the outraged consumer unable to change the channel during a Snuggie commercial?
A: Because his arms were under a blanket and he didn't want his arms to get cold!

Q: How cold is it?
A: "It's so cold people use their snuggies to tune into Rush Limbaugh because they are desperate for some hot air."

Q: Why did Chad Ochocinco purchase a Snuggie?
A: Because even while relaxing, Ochocinco needs his hands free to stroke his ego!

Q: Why are Hospitals suing the makers of the Snuggie?
A: Because the Snuggie is just a hospital gown made out of a blanket.

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