Nintendo Wii Jokes

Nintendo Wii Short Jokes

Q: What do you say when you lose a wii game?
A: I want a wii-match!

What do you use to predict the future of Nintendo?
A Luigi board

What did the Super Nintendo say to the Sega Genesis?
"You know, everyone always tells me that I'm a bit better than you."

Q: What did one Nintendo Wii say to the other?
A: Nothing. Wii's don't talk, asswipe.

Q: Is your Nintendo Wii U running? Yes?
A: Well you better go catch it!.

Q: What does a Nintendo Wii U and a penis have in common?
A: Young boys can play with them all day long!

Q: What did Princess Zelda eat for breakfast?
A: A sausage link.

PS4 got injured and XBOX ONE is calling the ambulance!

Nintendo Wii Bar Jokes

A man walks into a pub with a Wii under his arm and goes up to a PS3 and says,
"This is the waste of money I've been playing with behind your back"
PS3: "But the Wii's a 1/4 of my price"
Man: "I'm not talking to you"

If you want to play with your friends at home then get the Wii.
If you want to play with your friends around the world then get the XBOX 360 with Live.
If you want to play by yourself then get the PS3.

Wii: a Cute Highschool Chick - she's cute, and bubbly but immature and even though you get hot and bothered you end up falling asleep with a sore wrist!
X360: A Cheap Whore - she's aint the prettiest thing but she'll let you get nasty and play with her goodies without waiting 3 dates.
PS3: The Golddigger: I aint saying she's a golddigger but she aint playing with no broke.... anyway. She's all talk and will clean out your wallet before you get to make the beast with two backs.

A kid walks into Game complaining about a red ring caused by playing the Nintendo Wii;
the sales assistant said "Don't you mean the Xbox 360 son?"
"No I mean the Wii" the boy said and went on "There's a dirty old man on my estate who enticed me in his house to play on his Wii, now my arse is killing me."

A Wii and a X360 walk into a new Restaurant owned by PS3.
Wii: "I will have an ice cream sundae please."
X360: "and I'll have a steak, bloody as hell, with a beer."
PS3: NO! You both want a Blue-Cheese sandwich! You can have a beer But you can only drink it out of an official PS3 mug. Which is an additional $99. The beer will be non-alcoholic unless you drink it with a PS3 straw from the Ps3 mug. The PS3 straw is not currently available. You are now a happy customer. Consider yourself fortunate to have your money accepted at PS3 Restaurant.
Get out until you have more money.

You Know Your Addicted to the Nintendo Wii If

When you continually get gutter balls in real life bowling and then use your "Wii-bowl technique" and get a strike.

You're now living at a senior living center and still playing the Wii.

You adjust your facial hair in real life to make it easier to create an accurate Mii of yourself.

You substitute your weekly exercise with Wii Fit.

You're shocked to see a real baseball game go more than 3 innings.

You'd rather play Wii bowling then drive a block and go bowling for free.

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