Bad Celebrity Endorsements Jokes

Bad Celebrity Product Endorsements Is it me or have celebrity endorsements gotten out of hand. Below you'll find endorsements that I think have gone too far.

Name of Celebrity			Endorsement
Carrot Top (Comedian) 			1-800-CALL-ATT (Phone Service)
Like Carrot Top has a reason to call anybody! Furthermore who would accept a collect call from Carrot Top?
Who the fuck is he calling in all these commercials!!!!!!!!!

Bill Cosby 				Jell-O
If there is one person that shouldn't be eating or promoting Jell-O its FAT ASS BILL COSBY.
I don't want to see his fat ass jiggling around with a whole bunch of little kids....I'm sorry....but it's true

Fran Drescher  				Old Navy
This woman ("The Nanny" TV Show co-star) is the most annoying person I have ever seen in my entire life.
To this day I feel like kicking the ass of anyone wearing Old Navy clothing.

Fabio					I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Okkayyyyyy. I get it. It's not butter. But why do you force us to watch these mind-numbing commercials with this bare-chested homo.

Teri Hatcher 				RadioShack
She is the stupidest bitch I have ever seen. I don't for a second believe she has ever used an electronic device successfully in her life.
End of Story......
Queen Latifah				Pizza Hut
I love the queen and all, but come on......Pizza Hut....Watching her fat ass eat pizza is like watching a scary movie.
Your just sitting there in front of the TV going......don't do it girl......don't do it....don't put that pizza in your mouth.......Ohhhhh she had it coming!

Jay Leno				Doritos Corn Chips
Come On. Everybody knows that corn bread gives girls big bootys (junk in the trunk). Unfortunately due to these commercials we all know how Jay got that big ass chin......eating corn chips!

Debra Messing	  			Clairol Nice 'N' Easy Shampoo
Come on if you used any shampoo and your hair came out looking like Debra's (red=headed Will and Grace TV Show co-star) you would sue the hell out of Clariol.
There is nothing "Nice 'N' Easy" about it....It's looks very complicated....Obviously she's not doing it right!

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