AIG Jokes

AIG Jokes

Q: What Does AIG Stand for?
A1: Adventures in Greed
A2: And Its Gone
A3: Always Ignore Geithner
A4: Assholes in Government
A5: Am I Greedy
A6: Arrogance, Incompetent, Greed
A7: Ain't I Greedy
A8: America Is Gullible

Q: Why did lawmakers criticize AIG for spending $400,000 on a posh California retreat complete with spa treatments, banquets, and golf outings days before giving AIG another 37.8 Billion Dollars?
A: AIG executives didn't invite members of Congress to attend the retreat! 

Q: Which rapper wants a government bailout for the hip-hop industry?
A: The Notorious AIG

Q: What happened after Rick Wagoner was fired by Obama for running GM into the ground?
A: AIG paid Mr. Wagoner a multi-million dollar bonus!

Q: What is the difference between an A.I.G. executive and a drunken Irishman?
A: A drunken Irishman spends his own money!

Q: How is AIG going to use an additional 30 Billion dollar government credit facility?
A: 15 billion dollars to build the worlds largest toilet, which they will coincidentally use to flush the other 15 billion dollars!

Q: What is New York City's new plan for snow removal?
A: Put AIG in charge of the removal and the snow just disappears.

Q: Who financed the Octo-Mom's (no job, credit, and 14 kids) Southern California house for $565,000?

Q: What Financial Services Award did Bernie Madoff recently win?
A: AIG's man of the year

Q: Why is Congress livid about AIG giving executives $165 million dollars in bonuses during this harsh economic climate?
A: None of the executives are family members of Congress!

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