National VCR Day Jokes

What's a cat's favorite button on the vcr remote?

Why does the VCR like the remote?
Because the remote turns it on.

Why can't dogs work the VCR remote?
Because they always hit the Paws button!

How do you stop a man from romancing you?
Throw him the vcr remote.

A robber broke into a blondes house and stole the VCR.
She ran after him saying "You forgot the remote."

Yo mama so stupid she thinks menopause is a button on a VCR.

Yo Mama so fat she wears a vcr as a beeper.

A guy broke into my apartment last week and only stole my VCR remote.
Now he drives by and changes the settings.

A young woman divorces after only a couple of years of marriage.
Her friends ask her if she will ever marry again.
She says "Not right now, I've hardly begun to enjoy using the VCR remote."

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