National Selfie Day Jokes

What do you call taking a selfie with a rattlesnake?
A missssss-take.

A blonde and a brunette jump off a skyscraper. Which would land first?
The brunette. The blonde would stop to take a selfie.

What kind of photos does a turtle take?

What do you call a photo taken by a cat?
A paw-trait.

Why was the selfie arrested?
Because it was framed.

What kind of pictures do prisoners take?

What do you call a terrorist attack in the Middle East?
A selfie!

Two girls: "A tray of sushi, please."
Waiter: "To eat or to post photos of on Instagram?

National Selfie day is observed annually on June 21st.

Yo mama so fat she uses Google Earth to take a selfie.

Yo mama so fat that when she took a selfie, Instagram crashed.

Yo mamma so skinny she can't go sideways when taking a selfie.

Yo momma so ugly, when she uploaded her selfie, all the social networking sites reported denial of service attacks.

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