National Paul Bunyan Day Jokes

What do you call Paul Bunyan when he's sleeping?
A Slumberjack.

What did the tree say to the Paul Bunyan?
Leaf me alone.

What did the tree say when Paul Bunyan had to go home?
What a re-leaf.

What does a lumberjack have in common with a preschooler?
They can both count to tree.

Why doesn't Paul Bunyan pee in a tree?
There might be a squirrel in there looking for nuts.

What kind of sushi does Paul Bunyan prefer?
A log roll.

What did Obi Wan Kenobi say to Paul Bunyan?
May the Forest be with you.

What does Paul Bunyan call sawdust?
Man Glitter.

What did the tree say to the Paul Bunyan?
I'm falling for you.

Why can't Paul Bunyan see the future?
Because he axed his magic eight ball.

What does Paul Bunyan do before turning off the computer?
He logs off.

What is the only kind of math that Paul Bunyan knows?

Is you dad Paul Bunyan, cuz baby you giving me wood.

Oh...another Paul Bunyan joke, I should've saw that one coming.

National Paul Bunyan Day is celebrated annually on June 28th.

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