You Might Be From Louisiana If Joke

When out of town, you stop and ask someone where there is a drive-thru daiquiri place, and they look at you like you have three heads.

The crawdad mounds in your front yard have overtaken the grass.

Every so often, you have waterfront property.

You learned to drive a boat before you could drive a car.

You know the meaning of a "Delcambre Reeboks" (That would be a pair of all white fishing boots).

You can name all of your 3rd cousins.

You can plan your wedding around hunting season & LSU football.

Your burial plot is six feet over rather than six feet under.

You're not afraid when someone wants to "ax you something".

You don't worry when you see ships riding higher in the river than the top of your house.

The smell of a crawfish boil turns you on more than HBO.

You prefer skiing on the bayou.

You assume everyone has mosquito swarms in their backyard.

You like your rice and politics dirty.

You pronounce the largest city in the state as "Newawlins".

You know those big roaches can fly, but you're able to sleep at night anyway.

You can't think of anybody that can cook better than your momma.

Your last name isn't pronouned the way it's spelled.

You have spent a summer afternoon on the Lake Pontchartrain seawall catching blue crabs.

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