The Farmer Joke

There were three guys, an American, a Canadian, and a Mexican. They had been traveling for days and were very, hungry. They came across a farm that had hundreds of fruits. While they were eating, the farmer came out and caught them.
The farmer said, "Since I'm in a good mood today, I won't kill you... If you stuff 100 of your favorite fruit up your ass without laughing.
The American was up first. He chose cherries as his favorite fruit. He got up to 78 and burst out laughing. So the farmer shot him with a shotgun.
The Canadian was next and chose grapes. He got up to 92 but started laughing so the farmer killed him too.
When the Canadian and the American arrived up in heaven, an angel asked them why they laughed.
They both replied, "We saw the Mexican with watermelons."

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