Ghetto Airline Joke

Ya' KNOW your on a Black Airline when

1. The windows are tinted
2. The plane is sitting on gold rims
3. The stewardess's are all ex-Hammer dancers
4. First class, business class and coach is classified as: O.G., Hustlers, and Playa Haters
5. Power windows for fly-by's
6. Pilot comes on the intercom and asks everybody for gas money
7. The intercom chimes "bling bling" prior to announcements instead of ding ding"
8 Floating devices have patches
9. Oxygen masks are turned into bongs
10. The pilot is doing doughnuts on the runway
11. The pilot has to check in with his parole officer before take off
12. The pilot needs a jump to start the plane
13. The stewardesses have on Fubu gear as their uniforms
14. Featured movies are "Booty Call," "I Got The Hook Up," and the Original "Shaft"
15. Served miniature forty ounces and pork skins
16. The plane has an AMG kit
17. You can pay for your tickets with food stamps or WIC vouchers
18. The black box is really a satellite TV de-scrambler
19. The seats are covered in plastic
20. Your flight got canceled because the plane got repossessed

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