Blue Baby Joke

There was once a very rich princess who wanted to have a baby before her biological clock expired. But she esteemed herself special and so she didn't want just a  normal baby. She wanted a blue baby and offered a million dollars to the man who could father her blue baby. The catch was that any man who took up the offer and failed to help her conceive a blue baby would have his head chopped off, thus only three men volunteered. The first man was black. He impregnated the princess and after nine months when the baby was born and wasn't blue, the princess had his head chopped off. The second man was white. He impregnated the princess and when that baby wasn't born blue, the princess had his head chopped off.

By this time, people began to warn the chinese man not to go through with it, saying it would be impossible to conceive a blue baby, and they reminded him that his life was on the line if he wasn't successful. But the chinese man had a quiet confidence about himself and went on to impregnate the princess anyway. The people were all amazed when after nine months the baby was born blue. So the chinese man collected his million dollars from the princess, and people came up to him and patted him on the back, congratulating him. Then they asked him how he did it. The chinese man smiled and replied: "Me Chinese, me know tricks, me put Ajax on me dick."

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