Vigourous Cleaning Joke

A man pulls over at a crappy diner in the middle of no where. He goes inside and orders himself some chili.

Well after eating that and hanging around he ended up needing to use the bathroom. So he looks around but doesn't find it.

Going to waitress he asks and she says "It's around back." So he goes back there and finds himself standing before an outhouse.

He really needed to go No. 2 bad after eating the chili. So he goes in and sits down. After doing his buisness he looks around and finds no toilet paper. But there was a sign on the wall that reads:

Anything placed through the hole will be cleaned vigourously

So the man used his hand to wipe himself and stuck his hand through the hole. On the other side a kid smacks the mans hand with two bricks and the man yanks back his hand and sticks it in his mouth, Thus Cleaning it vigourously.

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