Vaseline Joke

There was a little boy, his parents, and the little boy's gramma living in a house together.
One morning the gramma calls the little boy downstairs for breakfast.
When he gets there he asks, "where are mommy and daddy?" and the gramma replies, "their still in bed."
The little Boy laughs and goes out to play until he;s called by his gramma for lunch.
"Where are mommy and daddy?" he asks at lunch.
"Their still in bed." she replies.
The little boy laughs again and goes out to play until his gramma calls him in for dinner.
"Where are mommy and daddy?" the little boy asks. "Their still in bed." the gramma replies.
The little boy giggles again and the gramma asks "Why do you keep laughing every time I say that your mommy and daddy are still in bed?"
The little boy replies, "Because last night daddy asked me to bring him the vaseline while him and mommy were in bed and I brought him the Super Glue instead!"

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