Vagina Teeth Joke

A little boy & a little girl are playing doctor behind a barn.
They are both bear butt naked.
The little boy's mom comes around the corner, and catches them.
She grabs her son by the arm, and drags him to the house.
Spanking him the whole way. When they get back to the house she sits him down,
and says to the little boy "don't be messing' with those little girls vaginas.
They got teeth down there, and they'll bit off anything that get near it. "
Well the little boy grows up still thinking' this. He gets to high school. He
falls in love. 17 Years old, and still a virgin.
Now he's 21, and he asks he's girl friend to marry him. Still a virgin.
He's 24, it's he's wedding night, and he's still a virgin. They go on there
honey moon, and now their in bed. Their folin' around. When he gets off he
rolls over and turns off the light. His wife says " wy, wy, wy, just a minute
aren't we going to have sex? " He says "no, my mom done told me about you
women, ya'll got teeth in ya'lls vaginas. " She says "no i don't, if you
don't believe me turn on the light and look . " So, he turns on the light and
she shows him. She says "well "
he says
"No wonder you aint got no teeth, look at the shape your gums are in "

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