Union Worker Joke

A union man arrives in Vegas, and the first thing he wants to do is check out the "houses "he's heard about and see if the ladies are getting a proper deal.
He goes to the first house, the madame answers the door. "Good day". he says. "I was wondering, if I gave you a hundred dollars for a girl, how much of that hundred would go to the house, and how much would go to the girl?"
The madame answers "80 dollars would go to the house and 20 dollars to the girl". Being a union man, he decides that it isn't fair, and decines the madam's offer to enter the premesis.
He goes to many such houses, and the answer is pretty well the same to his question.
Then at one house he asks, the madame tells him that 80 dollars would go to the girl, and 20 dollars would go to the house. This impresses the union man so much, he enters at her invitation, and immediately notices a beautiful blond with big tits and beautiful body sitting on the couch.
He pulls out his wallet, hands the madame a hundred dollar bill and says" I would really like to be with that blond over there."
I'm sure you would", replies the madame, " but 65 year old Edna sitting over there has seniority!"

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