Son Don't Look Joke

Once there was a 4 year old boy who had gotten real dirty while playing in the yard, His dad was taking a shower,the kid walked in and said,"Dad can i take a shower with you, The dad said "Yes, son but dont look down, the boy looked down and said,"Dad what's that" The dad said,''That's my car" So the boy dried off and went to see what his mom was doing. His mom was also taking a shower,the boy said,''Mommy can I take a shower with you, The mom said,"Yes, son but don't look up or down, The boy looked up and said,'' Mommy what's that",the mom said,''These are my headlights" The boy looked down and said,''Mommy what's that,the mom said, ''That's my garage" So again the boy dried off and got ready for bed, His mom and dad were in the next room,the boy said "Mommy, Daddy can I sleep with you" They said''Yes but don't look under the covers,the boy looked under the covers and shouted,''Mom turn on your headlights, dad is driving his car into your garage"

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