Sex Personal Joke

A woman put an add in the paper saying that she needs a man who can satisfiy her in bed, won't beat her, and won't run from her.

She gets thousands and thousands of replies and can't find what she is looking for. So she is about to give up when one day the door bell rings.

She opens the door and there is a man sittin a wheel chair with no arms or legs.

She says," Can I help u?"

He says," I am here about your ad."

She says," Forgive me but I don't see how u can help me."

He says, " Well number one I don't have any arms so I can't beat you.
And number two I don't have any legs so I can't run from you."

She cuts in and says," Well how do u expect to help me with the third thing?"

He says, "I rang the door bell didn't I?"

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