Retrospect & Reality Joke

Little Johnny goes to school has a spelling test. He missed two words...RETROSPECT & REALITY. So he goes home and tells his mom he only missed two words on his spelling test and wants to know what they mean. His mom tells him to want till his dad gets home and have him Ň£ell him the meaning.... So his dad gets home and he tells his dad, Daddy Daddy I missed two words on my spelling test and mommie told me to ask you what they mean...ok son what a are the words? Little Johnny tells him RETROSPECT and REALITY. His dad says go up stairs and ask your mom if someone offered her $500,000 would she sleep with him, so he runs upstairs and asked his mom mommy mommy if someone offered you $500,000 would you sleep with him she says yes so lil Johnny tells his dad she said yes.
Then he tells Johnny to ask his sister the same thing so he runs up the stairs and asked his sister the same question...she says hell yeah lil Johnny ran downstairs and told his dad she said hell yeah....Dad replies its like this RETROSPECT we're sitting on a million dollars in REALITY we only got 2 hoe's upstairs.

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