Retard's Twinkie Joke

A little boy who was obviously retarded was attending an elementary school which was not too far from the local high school. This was temporary as he was having problems in school and his mother hoped his grandmother would be more luck. So he attends the first day of school with no problem but he decides to stay after everyone leaves for a project, then afterwards he is walking home from school and he sees the highschool and a lone car in the middle of the football field. Curious, he goes up to the car where he sees a guy and a girl having sex. The guy was thrusting so hard his condom literally popped off and landed in the field. Without hesitation the little boy picks up the condom and continues to watch. The guy notices the condom is missing and sees the obviously retarded little boy holding it with a huge grin on his face.
He says to the little boy "Hey, Gimme that damn thing back!"
The little boy replies "No, its my twinkie"
The man again persists "Give it back now or i'll kick your ass!"
The little boy replies "But no, its my twinkie"
Seeing the boy was obviously retarded he couldn't bring himself to beat him up so he finally says
"Look kid, if you give it back i'll give you 20 dollars OK?"
quickly the boy agrees and runs home as fast as he could.
He flings open the door and his grandmother quickly greets him
He was so excited about the previous event he Yelled at the top of his lungs,
"Grandma Grandma some guy gave me 20 dollars for a twinkie, even though I sucked all the creme filling out!"

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