Pharmacy Joke

One day this guy and his father was talking about his son getting laid cuz he's still a virgin so his dad calls a stripper/hooker for him.
But his father said to go and get some condoms so he dont get AIDS
He goes to the pharmacy and a lady that works there said what size do you need and the son said "I dont know I never needed them before"
The lady said "Go to the back and there will be a fence 3 holes then stick ur dick in all 3 holes and pick the one u like the best."
So he starts to walk out back and the lady that works there ran out to the other side of the fence
He puts his dick in the first hole and she puts her mouth on the first hole and the son like ah.
He then puts his dick in the second hole and she put her ass on the hole and the son said alright.
He takes his dick and puts it in the last hole and the lady puts her pussy on the hole and the son said "Thats the fucking shit i'm talking about" .
He puts his dick away and starts to walk back and the lady runs back she asks if he had picked one
He said "Fuck the condoms I want 3 feet of that fence."

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