Phalus Detached Joke

A man gets caught cheating on a woman and they are having a heated argument while driving to her mothers house.
The woman gets so mad that she reaches over and cuts the man's dick off and throws it out the window.
The detached phalus hurls through the air and lands on the windshield of a car behind them, sliding off to the side of the windshield and leaving a red smear to the edge.
The car is driven by a Dad with his 9 year old daughter in the passenger seat.
The father, not wanting to expose his daughter to the horror of this reality, looks over at her with wide eyes and says, "Wow! did you see the size of that bug!"
The daughter looks over at her dad with wide suprised eyes, and replies, "That was a bug?"
"It sure was," says the dad.
The daughter thinks about this for a while and says to her dad, "Well, it sure had a big dick!"

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