Painting Company Joke

An owner of a painting company needs to hirer a painter for a job he is doing. So he goes down to unemplyoment to hire a painter. They tell him they don't have any - the only person they have is at the moment is a gynecologist. He says that won't do, he needs a painter. They tell him they are sorry. He really needs an extra set of hands so he decides to take the gynecologist.

Two weeks later he returns asking for the gynecologist. They tell him that he has found employment and is no longer with them and that they now have painters looking for work. The owner of the painting company tells them that he really needs the gynecologist. They ask him why?

He tells them that two weeks earlier he took the gynecologist down to the job site and the front door was locked - he had no key. That guy painted the entire house through the keyhole!

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