Nazaki Hi Joke

An American businessman was going on a buisness trip to Japan.

He was going to spend a week there so he figured what the hell i'll get a hooker.

So he walks around and he takes her back to his hotel room.

So hes sitting there giving it to her when she starts yelling nazaki hi! nazaki hi!

So he figures I must be giving it to her good. So he keeps going. He got done paid her then she went off.

The next day his japanese boss called him and asked if he wanted to go golfing, he said sure.

So they were golfing for awhile when his boss got a hole in one.

So the worker was thinking of something to say in japanese.

So he had thought of the hooker, he started yelling nazaki hi, nazaki hi.

The japanese boss looks at him a says what do you mean wrong hole?

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