My Confession Joke

A man goes into a confessional at church and says :
"Father, I'm 52. 3 weeks ago, I went to this bar & was picked up by twin 22 yr. old blonde, red hot beauties.
I went home with them & had smoking hot sex - like nobodies business.
The things we did would make Hugh Hefner jealous.
After ALL nite of fantastic sex, I was so weak, I could'nt even put on my shoes, I mean......." The Priest breaks in & says,
"Wait, wait, my son ! In the Catholic faith......" the guy interrupts, "Catholic?
Who said I was Catholic??" The Priest responds, "Not Catholic?
Well then...Why are you telling ME ?" His reply: " Telling YOU? WHY am I telling YOU ??
"I'm a telling everybody ! "

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