Ms Moorehead Joke

Ms. Moorehead was telling her class of a problem she said if there are three birds on a branch and I shoot one how many are left. Now johnny, who gave contraversial answers, said "none Ms. Moorehead". She replied "How did you come up with that answer?" and he replied "Well the noise of the gun will have scared the others away". Ms. Moorehead then said "That wasn't the answer I was looking for, the answer I was looking for was 2 but I like the way you think". Johnny then preceded to ask Ms. Moorehead a question "If there were three women walking down the street each has a lolly pop one is licking it one is biting it and the other is sucking it which one is married?" And Ms. Moorehead replied "The one sucking it" then johnny replied "NO the one with the wedding ring on her finger but i like the way u think."

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