Let Me Show You Something Joke

A man walks into a bar and sees a pudgey, disgustingly pimpled ugly man with the hottest woman he's ever seen.
Man walks up to the bartender and says "Wow, how the hell did that pimpled freak land a hottie like that?"...
Bartender replies "Beats the hell out of me but the funny thing is, he's here with her every morning..... Why don't you ask him?"
So the man finally gets up the nerve to approach the fat man and says "Excuse me but... I have to ask.... how in the world did you land such a hottie?"
The fat man replies "Well she's a prostitute."
The man is stunned. "Well how did you meet her?"
The fat man replies... "Well she's here every morning at 9am sharp... be here and you'll get your chance."...
So the next day the man comes in and sees the woman at the bar, sitting.
He sits down beside her and says "I'm sorry but I have to ask.... are you a prostitute?"
The woman replies "Its ok and yes... I am." "Wow.... how much for a handjob then?"
The woman replies "$700." "$700??!! Good God lady, don't you think thats a bit too much, shit!"
The woman says "Come to the window I want to show you something"
She takes him to the window and points to a red Ferrari outside. "You see that Ferrari?"
"Yeah... what about it?" "I paid for it by giving handjobs."
"WOW!!! That must be one hell of a handjob."
So he pays her the money and gets the best hangjob ever.... his legs shake and lips quiver.
Next day the man comes back and askes "How much for a blowjob?" "$800" "Holy shit, thats alot of money"
"Let me show you something" she says.
She takes him back to the window and points to 2 skyscrapers in the city.
"You see those skyscrapers?" "Yeah.." "I paid for those giving blowjobs."
"WOW!!! Thats one helluva blowjob!!!"
So he pays her the money and gets the best blowjob he has ever had..... his eyes roll back in his head and his feet tremble.
The next day the man gets up and empties out his entire bank acct.
He goes to the bar, sees the woman and says "I've got the best handjob and blowjob I have ever had in my life and it was from you....
I've GOT to know how good that pussy is.... how much?
Name your price. I'll pay anything!!!!"
The woman says "Come here, let me show you something"
She takes him back to the window and points to an island resort with hotels and communities.
"You see that island over... with the lavish hotels and prominent communities?"
He said "Yeah." She says "If I had a pussy I could buy that too."

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