Joanna & Adam Joke

There was a woman named Joanna who was laying down by the ocean, Joanna was born with no arms and legs. There was a man named Adam who was walking by and looking at the ocean, Joanna saw Adam walking her way and she said hello and Adam said hello back to her.

They begin to talk to each other, when Adam was about to leave Joanna screams "AAAAH!" Adam say whats wrong? She said I've never been hugged, so he hugged her. When he was about to leave Joanna screamed again "AAAAH!" Adam said what now? She said I've never been kissed, so he kissed her.

Adam said I'm leaving now, Joanna started screaming again, "AAAH!" "AAAH!" "AAAAAAAAAH"! by the third time, Adam said "WHAT,WHAT,WHAT DO YOU WANT,I HUGGED AND KISSED YOU, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT NOW"? She said that I've never been fucked. Adam looked at her and said what did you say? I said I ever been fucked, so are you going to fuck me now? Adam looked around to see if anyone was walking her way, and then he picked her up and threw her into the ocean and said "You're fucked!"

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