Horny Cheerleaders Joke

Three horny cheerleaders decide to take their boyfriends to a hotel and get fucked. So they check in at the hotel and go to their rooms. But their parents get worried for them and go looking for them. They find the hotel and go inside. They go up into the hallway and hear their girls. From one room they hear a loud scream. They barge into the room and shout, "why are you screaming?". The cheerleader replies, "because it hurts!". Then, in the next room they here giggling, so they bust into the room and shout, "why are you giggling?". The cheerleader says, "because it tickles!". Then, the parents listen and listen, but can't hear the last girl, so they ask the other two where she is. The girls show them to the last girl's room, and kick down the door, to find the last of the girls still being fucked. Her parents ask her, "why the fuck weren't you screaming, or giggling?". The cheerleader immediately answered, "but you told me not to talk with my mouth full!"

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