Honey Bee Joke

A model was shagging her boyfriend when suddenly a bee flew into her vagina
The model started screaming so the boyfriend called her doctor over.
The doctor came 5 minutes later he told the model to get into her four post bed and told her boyfriend to go and get some honey
So the boyfriend gave the doctor some honey. The boyfriend waits outside.
After about 10 minutes the boyfriend looks in the to see the curtains closed and the models clothes on the floor.
The man rushed in to see the doctor sticking his penis with honey on in the ladies vagina moving it around.
The doctor explains to the man how he was to trying to attract the bee out.
The man closed the curtain and then heard the model saying 'You naughty boy'.
The man again opened the curtains to see the doctors hand pressing down on the ladies boobs and pushing his penis more deeper into the ladies vagina.
The doctor than shouted 'I'm going to drown the damn thing!

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