Hey June Joke

A truck driver was driving on the freeway when he noticed a young girl standing on the side of the road next to a broken down car. The truck driver pulls up behind the car and rolls his window down. The young girl comes up to his window. He says "hey lady need a lift?" she replies to him "yes my car broke down i need to get to a phone." She opens the door and jumps in. As they are driving the truck driver introduces himself. "my name is Snow, what's yours?" "June" she replies to him. He then asks her her age, and she replies to him that she is 22. He goes on to ask stupid questions to get her into a talking mood. After a while she notices he has been staring at her ever since she got into the truck. She decides to ask him "is there something wrong? You have been staring at me." He looks over and replies "No. Im just thinking," "thinking about what?" he replies with a grin on his face "thinkin what it would be like to have seven inches of snow in June."

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