Heaven All Night Joke

There was this young woman who wanted to become a nun, so she went to church to speak to a nun,
The nun told her in order to become a nun you must go up stairs and draw Father Matthews bath water, and bring him his slippers.
The woman than went up stairs met Father Matthew
She asked him "Oh! father whats that?" ,
The father said "That's my golden key!"
Then father said "How about I stick my golden key in you're pearly gates and we can go to heaven all night?"
The woman than said "Oh yes father I would love to go to heaven for the night."
The next morning the woman went down stairs and the nun asked her how was you're night with Father Matthew.
The woman said it was wonderful he put his golden key in my pearly gates and we went to heaven all night.
The nun said "That bastard!.... he's been telling me it was gabriels horn and i've been blowing it...."

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