Dyke And A Lesbian Joke

This is a primer of how to separate a Dyke from a Lesbian. Kindly pay close
attention... there will be show and tell after.

A Lesbian buys real estate. A Dyke rents.

A Lesbian drinks out of a wine glass. A Dyke pops a top.

A Dyke owns a Harley. A Lesbian owns a 10 speed Schwinn.

A Dyke's tattoos don't rub off. A Lesbian's don't show.

A Lesbian brunches. A Dyke drives-through.

A Lesbian has acquaintances. A Dyke has buddies.

A Dyke buys 'Hustler' over the counter. A Lesbian has a subscription.

None of a Lesbian's earrings are made from parts of her tool box.

A Lesbian drives a Porsche. A Dyke commands a pick-up.

A Lesbian has her ears pierced. A Dyke goes further... WAY further!

A Dyke can actually use the word dildo 15 to 20 times a day.

A Lesbian passes gas. A Dyke farts.

A Lesbian cooks. A Dyke defrosts.

A Lesbian entertains at home. A Dyke has a regular bar stool.

A Lesbian networks, and chats. A Dyke shows up.

A Dyke has a tool belt. A Lesbian has a tooled belt.

A Dyke believes she looks great in a six dollar haircut.

A Dyke will drink from any hose. A Lesbian carries her own Evian.

A Lesbian makes dinner. A Dyke makes reservations.

A Dyke plays hardball. A Lesbian plays softball.

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