Driving Down The Road Joke

A man is driving down the road when he sees a car off the side of the road, on it's top, and in flames.
No one else is around, so he gets out to see if he can help.
Inside, he finds a beautiful woman and she is bleeding profusely.
He rushes her to the hospital, where she spends the next six months.
He stays by her side day and night caring for her, even donating blood to her as needed.
When she is released, they continue seeing each other and get married soon after.
Everything was great for a few years, then she realizes that he doesn't give a shit about anything but his money and she decides to leave him.
She comes walking down the stairs, car keys and bulging suitcases in hand.
He stops her, says "where are you going with those keys, I bought that car, it belongs to me."
She tosses him the keys and keeps walking. "And those clothes and the suitcases, I've bought it all."
She throws down the clothes and keeps walking. She get to the door when he says "Come to think of it, about half the blood in your body belongs to me, you're not going anywhere."
She quickly reaches down and pulls out her tampon, throws it in his face and says, "Fine, I'll pay you back in monthly installments."

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