Dirty Little Secrets Joke

Dirty Little Secrets

Many of you have heard or seen the Dirty Little Secrets music video by All American Rejects, basically it shows people holding up note cards with their most revealing secrets. If you look closely you might notice the following celebrities in the video.

Jessica Simpson "I can't Spell"
O J Simpson "I did it"
Donald Trump "I wear a $10 hair piece"
Lindsay Lohan "I am anorexic and I don't care what Tina Fey says"
Ricky Martin "I'm gay.....no I'm really gay......."
Lorena Bobbit "He's lucky we were out of hot dog buns"
Halle Berry "I ran that bitch over and I'd do it again"
Britney Spears "They're fake but fabulous"
Penelope Cruz "I really don't have a spanish accent"
Jennifer Lopez "I can crack walnuts with my ass cheeks"
Kate Moss "Coke is part of my diet"
Eva Longoria "I really do sleep with my gardner"
Simon Cowell "I want to be the next American Idol"
Lance Armstrong "If they can't prove it then it didn't happen"
Tom Cruise "I really am crazy........short......and really really gay"
Usher "I'd rather dance then have sex"
Courtney Love "I'm on acid... all the time"
R Kelly "I'm trapped in the closetttttttttttt"

You might see these two standing together

George Bush "I really do hate black people"
Kanye West "I fu**ing told you so"

Paris Hilton "It's not sex unless you tape it"
Nicole Richie "She's really a whore"

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