DamHam Joke

A christian mother thought to herself since my husband has been working so hard preaching maybe i should cook him a nice dinner
And he loves ham so i'll get him some ham
She went to the grocery store and asked mr. Brown the deli manager
"Do you have some fresh ham?"
He said "no all I have is some damham"
She said "I'm a christian how dare you say that to me?"
He said "No thats the brand see?"
"Oh!" she said it has a beaver and a dam
So she took it home and got ready to prepare it when her husband got in
He said "Whats for dinner?"
She said "We are having some damham"
He said "Woman how dare you say that?"
She said "no thats the brand"
He said "Oh it has a beaver and a dam"
She said "Lets eat"
Father said "No we have to wait for our son"
When the son came in he was greeted and when told to sit and prepare for dinner
He said "cool wit me"
His father began to eat he said son will you pass me dat damham
He said "Oh Snap, Pops I didnt know you rolled like that?"
"Pass me the motherfucking mashed potatoes"

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