Chink and Honky Joke

This abrasive little chinese guy goes into a bar where a white guy is bartending.
He says "Hey honky how bout a gin & tonky?"
And the white guy smirks a little and says "Okay"
The little chinese man slam's it and says "Hey honky how bout another gin & tonky?"
And the white man not amused gives it to him and he chugs it.
Then the little chinese man says "Hey honky how bout another gin & tonky?"
The white bartender says "Okay look here you little skeet skeet big dumb muthafucka LAST ONE"
The little china man replies "Why?"
The white bartender says "Because I dont like the way you speak to me.... how would you like it if I spoke to you that way?
The Chinese guy thinks about it for a second and says "Okay (as he gets behind the bar, signalling the bartender to the other side)"
The white guy pretends to walk into the bar and says to the china man "Hey chink how bout a drink?"
And the china man says "Sorry we dont serve honky's"

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