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Q: How did the Dairy Queen get pregnant
A: Burger King forgot 2 wrap his wrapper

Have you tried Starbucks new hot beverage, Viagraccino?
One cup and you're up all night.

Why shouldn't Men using iron supplements take Viagra
It may cause them to spin around and point north.

Why did they put Viagra in chocolate bars?
You eat it, She says, "Oh, Oh Henry!"

Q: Why don't they have any toilet paper in KFC?
A: Because its finger licking good! 

Q: What do world hunger and a Mercedes have in common?
A: Diana can't stop either.

Q: Did you hear that Princess Diana was suffering from PMS?
A: Pulverized Mercedes Syndrome.

Q: What does BMW stand for?
A1: Bought My Wife!
A2: Born Moderately Wealthy
A3: Bavarian Murder Weapons

Q: What's the new Apple mp3 player that you use only when you are in the bathroom?
A: It is called the "iPOTTY"

Q: What smells worse than a Japanese 7-11?
A: Nothing!

Q: How is the trans-fat free Starbucks better than before?
A: There new trans-fat free Frappacino will pad your ass without clogging your arteries!

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