Plaxico Burress Jokes

Q: Did you hear about the new Plaxico Burress cocktail? 
A: Just one very expensive shot

Q: Why did Plaxico Burress shoot himself?
A: It was the first time all year he managed to find his way around a safety and he just got too excited!

Q: Why shouldn't the New York Giants send Plaxico home packing?
A: He already is!

Q: What did Plaxico Burress say when Antonio Pierce asked to go clubbing?
A: "Only if I can ride shotgun!"

Q: Why is Tom Coughlin (Giants Head Coach) glad Plaxico shot himself in the leg?
A: It was the first time he shot off something other than his mouth!

Q: Why is Plaxico's wife for gun control?
A: Gun Control is not about guns; it's about control!

Q: Why did Plaxico shoot himself in the leg?
A: He was honoring the anniversary of Sean Taylor getting shot in the leg.

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